Flash Flip Find Sets Game- 42 Hardwood Game Pieces plus Sand Timer

Flash Flip Find Sets Game- 42 Hardwood Game Pieces plus Sand Timer


Made for the 4 to 6 year olds this sets game includes a plastic sand timer, game rules, game variations, and 42 natural maple shapes. The game can be played alone, with an adult, or with friends. There are 21 individual shape sets included. The game starts with the "Flash" or the dumping of the shapes on the playing surface. Then the child "Flips" the sand timer and then "Finds" as many matching shape sets before time runs out or until all of the shapes are matched. Race against a friend or try and improve your time with practice!

Reinforces shape and pattern recognition, sorting, matching, and game play. This game includes small pieces that would not be appropriate for those under 3. This fast paced game is perfect for ages 4, 5, and 6 and up.

Suggested Extension activities:

1. Select a group of items from the box and have your preschooler count the number of sides on the piece. Have him arrange the pieces in order from the least number of sides to the most. Reinforces the concept and vocabulary of least, most, more, less-than.

2. Count by twos: After playing the game have your preschooler count the number of pairs each player has to determine the winner. Discuss how much faster it is to count "pairs" or "matches" than it is to count each piece individually. Demonstrate by counting each piece individually and then again by pairs.

This set is cut and engraved from 100% verified sustainable North American maple and is coated with a toy-safe CAB acrylic laquer for durability and a wipe-clean surface. This solid hardwood set will last through several children and is great for classroom needs as well.

This set include 42 shape objects (21 pairs), one sand filled plastic hourglass timer (color may vary), and game rules packed in a labeled chipboard box.