Travel Activity Schedule for Special Needs

Just wanted to pass along this blog post. It's an awesome look into creating traveling schedule boards for running errands and can be modified for longer road trips if you have it planned out enough. Our little is a great reader so when I'm not so prepared he does pretty well with a written checklist on a sheet of paper letting him know where we are going. It's especially helpful when he really just wants to be at home playing Lego. 

25 Top Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy on the Road

We feel like we are constantly on the go. My kids really do well on long road trips and airplane rides but part of that sucess comes in being prepared. Here I'm sharing some fun ideas that I mix up for each trip to keep an activity an hour or so coming out and going back. We travel on the road in a compact car so no giant super-SUV or van space required. At stops we take a few minutes to clean out and clean up so that we aren't too overwhelmed by the pieces and mess at our destination.

Our Favorite Educational Resources

I wanted to share some links to some of our favorite educational resources. We homeschool and with such a voracious appetite for more information, I find I would quickly run out of funds if we were to purchase every textbook and resource. There are plenty of free science simulators, math helps, and courseware open to students of any age. Our middle schooler may become so interested in a particular subject she may elect to start taking AP exams next year.

Lunch Box Notes for Kids with Autism

Starting off the new school year with a bang! We have had a grreat start to our year both homeschooling and in outside classes. While packing lunches for my kiddos I yearned to be "that mom" that seemed to have the perfect thing to say on a little note dropped in the lunch box. Have you ever met her? I think she's on creating perfect content for Pinterest right now but honestly it was early and I just wanted something quick I could drop in my 2E lunches.

Fun with Fractions

Our fun Fractions Sets are a perfect way to intoduce the concept of fractions. Older children can utilize the sets to help them visualize the concepts as they work out homework problems.


We have had so much fun on a spontaneously developed Montessori activity tray that has become a weekly favorite. One of my little's favorite books right now is "Chika-Chika-Boom-Boom". Perhaps it's the sing-song meter that makes the book fun to read but he has been really enjoying reading the book and watching You-Tube videos that animate that sneaky little alphabet climp the coconut tree.

Alphabet Sounds Cabinet

I'd like to share some fun resources for setting up a home or classroom alphabet cabinet. We have tons of fun with ours and I finally found a place to put all of those tiny odds and ends that show up around the house. I purchsed a set of drawers from the hardware store. It's really for organizing nuts and bolts and other small items. Just make sure you have at least 26 drawers in your cabinet so you have a space for each letter.

Gift Guide for Men

Check out these great finds for gifts for all of the guys in your life. Plenty of techie friendly and secret superhero identity gifts. (Also our bottle opener is included there.) Enjoy!

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